World Animal Day 2012 : events Reports

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World Animal Day 2012

At the occasion of World Animal Day, last Thursday October 4, 2012, the Monegasque Association ALEXANDRA organized again an information day on the use of alternative methods to animal experimentation. This time students of the class (First and Second) of Miss Biancheri and Miss Maccario of the Lyceum Albert I participated in the session.

In particular the use of tissue engineered reconstructed human skin was demonstrated and how cosmetic, oral care products and household chemicals can be tested on them, without referring to animal testing. The practical session was organized in collaboration with Dr. Christophe Capallere, Head of the tissue culture laboratories of the company Sterlab SA based in Sophia Antipolis, France.


Dr Bart de Wever, President of the ALEXANDRA Association declares: “We are very pleased with the enthusiasm and the genuine interest of these young students in animal welfare and how tissue engineered models offer a solution to animal experimentation: their active participation in the experimental session and multiple questions on the topic prove the necessity of educating youngsters and make them aware of the issues related to animal testing.”

Dr Constantin Turchina, Vice President of the ALEXANDRA Association adds: “ We are more than convinced about the importance of these sessions which we intend to organize more frequently in the near future at several schools in the Principality, hoping to reach a ‘critical mass’ that one day will help us to change to a better, more ethically responsible world….”

Download in english here the PDF report. 
Télécharger ici le compte-rendu en français au format PDF


WAD 2012 classe

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