MVCA, the Monaco Venture Capital and Private Equity Association is an independent, non-profit association of organizations, companies and persons who are active in the Monegasque private equity community. MVCA organizes and hosts events which generate dealflow, learning and networking opportunities over the year. MVCA supports the active exchange of information among its members and represent the common voice of the Private Equity community in Monaco.

Monaco is renowned as a stable, progressive and independent country, member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe and many other international organizations, as an industrious and secure environment, where people can enjoy quality in life and business can prosper and strive for the best.

The Principality has consolidated active diplomatic relationships and channels with countries across the world, in line with its spirit of openness and international cooperation and collaboration. The hereditary constitutional monarchy is naturally conducive to consistent execution of strategic plans and development policies over time.

With its high concentration of experts and talents, Monaco is moving to become a leading Private Equity centre – contributing to global economic growth, sustained innovation, and creation of wealth. The business environment is reinforced by an international, high-quality educational system, providing each year the talents to provide more and improved services.Favorably located at the heart of the Mediterranean basin, Monaco is connected through the Airport of Nice to all European main destinations, most of them accessible in around two hours.Teams of experienced and expert professionals manage a bleeding-edge telecommunication infrastructure connecting Monaco to the world with an information highway. Together with the many creative marketing and corporate communications companies around, technical teams can offer unsurpassed solution for all print and web publishing needs, complying always with highest standards of reliability, security, privacy.

The consistent enforcement of financial regulations, regulating the international flow of capital, has not prevented the Government of Monaco to invest considerable effort in developing a very progressive financial system, prized by the likes of the International Monetary Fund and the Financial Action Task force.

This efficient legal framework is complemented by an associated regulatory system to guarantee the best practice in all financial activities. It is now evolving to consider the increasingly important role that Private Equity funds are playing in today’s economy.

The Monaco Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (MVCA) has been formed to promote professionalism, enhance performance and inspire ethical values in the community of investors, entrepreneurs and consultants.The MVCA represents the public policy interests of the Private Equity and Venture Capital community. It will engage in dialogue and cooperation with government agencies and multilateral institutions on improving the quality of the enabling environment and to stimulate the growth of private entrepreneurship and businesses.

The MVCA’s objectives are to promote an efficient private equity market, inform and educate about the industry and to promote entrepreneurship; to increase economic growth and to encourage job creation in Monaco through Private Equity in Monaco; and to make Monaco to an attractive jurisdiction for venture and private equity investment.

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