Scientific Advisory Board

In collaboration with other international centers of Excellence, the ALEXANDRA Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), composed of representatives of leading organizations in animal experiment alternatives including IVTIP, ESTIV, CAAT, ZET, and opinion leaders in industrial alternative testing development will select research projects based on their applicability in medical and environmental research. Hence a transparent and objective grant approval system is guaranteed.

The Scientific Advisory Board will meet at least once per year in Monaco and provide a detailed progress report that will be available on line.


The members of the ALEXANDRA Scientific Advisory Board are:

Prof. Dr. Philippe Van Parys (Consultant, former General Manager of CARDAM,
Expert Consultant for ECVAM)

• Dr. Chantra Eskes (Vice President of ESTIV)

• Dr. Erwin Roggen (President of IVTIP)

• Prof. Alan Goldberg (Director of the Board of CAAT)

• Dr. Béatrice Le Varlet (Consultant in vitro Toxicology)

• Dr. Klaus Schröder (General Manager of ZET)

• Dr. Bart De Wever (President of ALEXANDRA)

• Dr. Constantin Turchina (Vice President of ALEXANDRA)

• Prof. Howard Maibach

Dr. Sonja Beken