The Research Center

A Research and Education Center developing alternative testing methods in Monaco

One of the objectives of the ALEXANDRA Association is to prepare the road for the creation of a Research and Education Center using and developing alternative methods to animal experimentation in the Principality and to develop and attract ‘scientifically sustainable’ commercial business opportunities.

In particular testing methods based on human tissue engineering and cell culture technologies, for instance the reconstruction of human skin, eye and mucosal tissues, have proven very useful to replace animal testing practices and pave the way for further expansion of the applications.

Monegasque authorities are currently evaluating the potential options on how such activity could be facilitated in the near future. Contacts have been initiated with the CDE, the Chambre de Développement Economique of Monaco, as well as with the MVCA, Monaco Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, that both expressed their support to the ALEXANDRA Project, the International Conference, and the eventual creation of a Research Center in the Principality.