The Association

ALEXANDRA is an association aiming to develop and promote alternative methods to animal experimentation for application in industrial testing and medical research, for the benefit human health and to safeguard the environment.

A large majority of the scientific community believe that the use of animals for experimentation is not suitable for current product testing practices and should be replaced for a variety of reasons including:

  • ethical concerns, inherent to this type of experimentation
  • limited reliability and scientific validity in many areas

In addition, today important environmental questions need to answered: a large number of chemical products are ubiquitous in our daily lives and require better characterization in order to protect our health as well as the environment in which we live.

 Download here the ALEXANDRA Association project presentation.


The founders of the ALEXANDRA Association:

Dr. Bart De Wever
Doctor in Medical Sciences and President of ALTEXA Development, Monaco

Dr. De Wever has been professionally engaged for over 15 years in the development of alternative methods to animal testing, in particular the industrial implementation of these methods.
He has been central to the development of multiple initiatives that have led to the adoption of OECD approved validated alternative methods, and serves as Expert on several International Committees (


Dr. Constantin Turchina
Medical Doctor and Cardiologist in Monaco

Dr. Turchina, Cardiologist in Monaco, is actively engaged in medical research and a convinced supporter of innovative research. As a medical professional, he is committed to promote and endorse the advantages of reproducible and reliable alternative methods to animal testing in therapeutic research.



Miss Emmanuelle Morelle
Psychologist and Director of Looping Communication

Consultant and expert in communication sciences and human resources, is committed to become actively engaged in the development of scientifically acceptable research based on non-animal test methods.






President  Dr. Bart De Wever
Vice President Dr. Constantin Turchina
Executive Secretary  Miss Emmanuelle Morelle


Mr. Benoit De Wilde
Expert in 3D human tissue culture methods

Mr. Benoit De Wilde graduated at “École Pratique des Hautes Études”, Specialty in Cellular Pharmacology, and followed a European DESS (Master II) “In vitro cell models” in Paris, France. Benoit has more than 20 years of experience in the production of 3D tissue models as alternatives to animal experiments. He held senior management positions at SkinEthic Laboratories, in Nice, France and at the L’Oréal Episkin facitities in Lyon, France.


Karine Colombi Association Alexandra

Karine Colombi
ALEXANDRA activist and fundraiser

With an overwhelming love for animals, having saved the lives of many abandoned pets, Karine Colombi is a supporter of the ALEXANDRA association “from the heart”. By proactively promoting the educational goals of the association and the importance of animal care in her daily life, she has been successfully raising funds and continues to do so. Karine is working as Head Office Assistant at Moore Stephens in Monaco..


The ALEXANDRA Association gratefully thanks Miss and Mr. Jean-Pierre and Ginnette Bogaert, residents of Monaco, for providing office space and logistical support.